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Fixed Leg Barriers

Our Crowd Control Barriers are perfect for many public events and are frequently visible at any events ranging from Political rallies to Motocross races. Event organisers, venue managers and security personnel favour our barriers for their crowd management planning needs due to versatility of our barriers. They can be used to efficiently manage site work by marking out restricted areas and direct crowds of people, keeping both civilians and the workforce safe around construction sites and public events. These pedestrian barriers are also extremely popular amongst nightclubs and other busy venues to help organise and control entrance and exit.
The tubular feet are welded to the underside of the frame in an offset position, providing a high degree of stability over their loose leg counterparts, and allowing the barriers to be easily stacked. Erection and dismantling is also quick and simple due to our interlocking hook system, which combined with our singular tube frame results in a robust barrier which is durable against public and industrial stress. Each Barrier is 2.3m long and 1.1m high, but together form a secure and stable Crowd Control solution. *Please note all images are for illustration purposes only and actual products may vary.*

fixed leg barrier

Hoarding Panels

Hoarding panels offer an alternative to mesh panels where extra security and privacy is required. Their solid panel design and size of 2.1m wide and 2.0m high, makes them difficult to climb over or break into. Each frame is constructed from galvanised steel, and each sheet has a box profile for additional strength. Our panel sets provide the feet and clips needed to erect the panels, however for enhanced privacy, infill panels can be bought as Additional Products. Steel hoarding systems can also be re-enforced using either our stabiliser and pin sets for soft ground, or our stabiliser and block sets for soft ground. These allows the system to stay secure in adverse weather conditions, however the number of stabilisers required is site dependant, please contact our sales team at 0800 8807549 for more details. *Please note all images are for illustration purposes only and actual products may vary.*

hoarding panel

Round-Top Fencing Panels

Our Anti-Climb Round-Top Fencing Panels are a safe and cost-effective way to fence off a perimeter. Offering strength and stability, these Heavy-Duty Panels are resilient to rust due to their high-quality galvanised steel, making them versatile for any location or event. Erecting the panels is easy using the Rubber Block Feet and Fence Couplers provided with our hires, these securely connect to provide a stable system to secure construction sites, equipment, or direct the public. Each panel is welded using SmartWeld technology, with 38mm diameter tubing and Reinforced Corner Plates eliminating all potential weak spots found in the classic Square Top Panels. Our Fencing solutions are lightweight and portable, weighing 16kg and being 3.5m long and 2.0m high each. The pitch of the mesh is 262mm x 43mm, with every wire welded to the frame, increasing the safety and durability of the system. *Please note all images are for illustration purposes only and actual products may vary.*

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